The What Happens Next Project 

  • The What Happens Next Project (WHNP) is an organisation which I created in 2014. ‘What Happens Next’ is a philosophical question to raise sustainable issues. Click here for more information on the ‘What Happens Next’ philosophy.
  • Seed to Celebration is a product of the ‘What Happens Next Project’. I have created a Seed to Celebration book, which is to be used in any garden. The objective is to empower gardeners to become more self-sufficient.
  • The ‘Seed to Celebration’ concepts offers information for 15 plants. Lots of information from the seed being planted to the end of its life cycle. For more information click here.

The inspiration

  • The inspiration for the WHNP came from when I was working as a graduate. I saw environmentally sensitive wildlife projects, which were successfully implemented, fail to last the test of time.
  • The landscape architect who designed the projects were unable to support the project and the wildlife projects died, often from development.
  • As I contunued with my professional studies I leant that ‘sustainable development’ is to do with balancing the ‘social, economic and environmental benefits’. Once I understood this, I soon realised the best way to support the wildlife spaces was to enhance the value of the wildflie projects with economic and social benefits.
  • Enter Seed to Celebration. The celebration part of Seed to Celebration project means communities come together and enjoy the space because of what is being grown. In addition to that, there are opportunities for members of the community to sell homemade and handmade products at a Christmas market fundraising event!

Environmental Enhancements

  • The ‘Seed to Celebration’ concept and the ‘What Happens Next’ philosophy is effectively a way to regenerate the environment by using social and economic drivers.
  • Here are just a few examples on how the Seed to Celebration concept promotes wildlife:
    • Worms within a wormery are key to the concept and they are the essential link which continues the natural life cycle.
    • The gardeners are instructed to avoid chemicals and use the worm juice as fertiliser instead.
    • The user is encouraged to use environmentally sensitive methods such as the no-dig method and saving seeds (bee-friendly and worm-friendly horticultural advice).

Moving forward

  • My short-term goal is to improve the content of the book, get more people using it, and collaborate with forward thinking sustainability projects.
  • My long-term goal is to raise my profile as a landscape architect and promote the What Happens Next Project. Simultaneously, to make The What Happens Next Project a success and promote myself as a forward-thinking landscape architect. A landscape architect with a specialism in sustainability.


The design of the ‘Seed to Celebration Gardens’ uses the What Happens Next Projects philosophy.


The idea behind the Seed to Celebration is to empower communities so they can become self-sufficient, become healthy and look after the environment.

What Happens Next

The Seed to Celebration Garden rewards the gardener with food, herbs and other products which they can enjoy, share and celebrate at events!


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