Landscape Architecture & Sustainability


Linking the environment with well-being

Promoting a landscape approach to planning and design.

Landscape assessment and planning

1) Landscape mapping and appraisals.
2) Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment.
3) Green infrastructure planning.

Landscape design

1) Landscape masterplanning and design.
2) Sustainable urban Drainage Systems (SUDS).
3) Landscape design, planting plans and schedules.

Landscape management

1) Landscape management and maintainance plans.
2) Land managment plans.
3) Landscape plans for education.

Arthur W Daw. CMLI.

I am a fully qualified Landscape Architect with wide-ranging experience, from large infrastructure projects to a variety of community and environmental projects, comprising of landscape assessment, landscape design and landscape management.

I enjoy working on high impact projects that have sustainability at their core.
I have a background in social sciences and an interest in the environment and human wellbeing. Landscape Architecture is an expression of these interests, bringing together these interconnected areas and turning them into something tangible and real through design that works for the environment and people.

I believe a solid knowledge of human systems, planning systems, ecosystems, biodiversity, green infrastructure are essential to be able to think holistically on sustainability. I have worked hard to develop knowledge and experience in all of these areas, and I consider myself to be a landscape architect with a vision where landscape enhancements can help create to a sustainable future.

A vision where people and the environment can thrive.
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