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Gardens and landscape design

(Click image for further details) Design Philosophy: Enhancing the biodiversity of a garden (/outdoor space) will improve the wellbeing for people using it... And designing gardens for wellbeing will result in environmental enhancements!

Planning and development

(Click image for further details) Approach: To turn planning constraints into opportunities. See examples on how an ecology-led and and community-led design approach can maximise the commercial value of the development.

Sustainable development

(Click image for further details) Guiding Principles: Landscape Architects should be able to understand the broader context within large infrastructure projects. In doing so, they can identify landscape enhancement opportunities.
water course


(Click image for further details) USB: An understanding that what is good for humanity is good for mother nature and vice versa. An approach to landscape architecture which improves wildlife, well-being and the long term value of any space.