Over a two year period I spent a total of 11 weeks, living and working with over 20 Japanese designers and students, restoring and designing a famous 1.6ha Japanese Garden. Link here.

It was an incredible experience where I was able to work alongside leading japanese landscape architects and specialists. It was an opportunity to learn about Eastern garden design and its quest for zen tranquility, the philosophy and their love of stones, and the tea room tea ceremony as an integral part of their design.

Was truly an inspiring and influential experience which has shaped the way I think about landscape design and nature.



May 13, 2013

Testimonial from client:

" "A great achievement and challenge was the Japanese garden restoration project in Scotland. Under the supervision and instructions of Professor Fukuhara, who is the most recognised traditional Japanese garden designer and a professor at Osaka university of arts, we are working to restore 100 years old Japanese garden for over two and half years. From the the start I have not only witness this garden develop into a garden which holds such beauty and authenticity, but I have witnessed Arthur’s passion towards the landscape, and more importantly a deep understanding of Eastern Landscape design in its spirituality. His ability and passion were soon recognised by the professor and Japanese team. Now, he is an important member of the team for this project." Ai Hishii, Momiji Design"