Landscape architecture, environmental enhancements, sustainability and well-being.

Promoting a landscape approach to planning and design.


My approach to landscape architecture:

From a broader perspective:

To take the long view and push for:
1) ecosystem services & natural capital
2) environmentally friendly land management
3) sustainable smart cities

From a design perspective:

To be based on three principles:
1) enhancing green infrastructure and biodiversity
2) meeting social needs at a community level
3) allowing for the design to change over time

The integrated approach:

Championing a holistic approach to landscape design and landscape planning - where both development and the environment can thrive

Arthur W Daw. CMLI.

Chartered Professional. 12 years experience in landscape architecture, and over 20 years in landscape related work.
“Think globally, act locally”, a slogan which encourages people to consider the planet while taking action in their local community, sums up Arthur's attitude and his ability to take the long view while thinking about the practicalities of landscape design.

In addition to his passion for creating sustainable places, Arthur possess a broad set of skills and knowledge and his experience is deep and wide: Ranging from community garden design projects and hands-on land management projects, to working on designs in multidisciplinary teams and providing and assessing environmental data for national infrastructure projects.

Arthur is proud to be a landscape architect who "thinks globally while acting locally".