Landscape Architecture, Sustainability and Well-being.

Design Software

Skills in: Adobe Creative Suite, AutoCAD, Sketchup, KeySCAPE, ArcGIS, ArborCAD

Technical Skills and Design

Mapping, Landscape assessment, Feasibility Studies, Stakeholder Engagement, Site Analysis, Concept Development, Masterplanning, Planting Plans, Construction Drawings, 3D Visuals..

Specialist Services

Sustainable Design, Design for Wellbeing, The Ecosystem Approach, Natural Capital, Land Management, Urban Farming

Arthur W Daw. CMLI.

Arthur is a Chartered Professional who has over 10 years experience in landscape architecture, and over 20 years in landscape related work.
Arthur’s favourite quote is “think globally, act locally” because of his passion in creating sustainable places. Since the beginning of his career he has worked in a variety of roles ranging from small community projects up to large national infrastructure projects, where he has been able to 'think globally, but act locally'!.
Arthur's expertise are in sustainability and wellbeing. After obtaining a human geography degree and gaining extensive experience in sustainability projects, he has developed a unique approach to landscape architecture. In particular, he has an excellent understanding on the relationship people have with the environment, and a great ability to see opportunities in any given space in our ever changing world.