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Gardens and landscape design

(Click image for further details) A wide variety of sizes and complexities from country homes and estates small to urban court yards and green walls. A focus on the environment, suitable plant selection and cost saving opportunities. A design process which ensures aesthetics, balance and flow of any space.

Planning and development

(Click image for further details) Landscape consultation services for developers, homeowners and commercial property in areas which are sensitivitie.
This includes the need to safeguard any environmental assets where possible, and mitigate the landscape impacts of the developments.

Understanding sustainable development

(Click image for further details) I think landscape architects should understand the broader context within large infrastructure projects. This will influence the design approach and the ability to find landscape enhancement opportunities. This section illustrates my experience.
water course

Celebrating nature

(Click image for further details) A category outside the remit of other mainstream design, development or infrastructure projects.
These projects demonstrate how landscape architecture can promote sustainability, well-being and the celebration of nature.