If well-being is "the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy", how can we use the landscape do to improve the well-being within communities? One idea is to bring back medicinal herbs.

Let's bring back useful plants and knowledge on what plants can do improve our health and happiness.

Approximately 100 years ago gardens were not just made to be visually pleasing. Gardens were where we grew medicinal plants, cut flowers, vegetables and fruit trees. We used plants to dye our clothes, for herbal drinks, homemade wine and beer and much more.

Finding a way to rekindle this relationship with our gardens is one of many ways we can improve our health and happiness. I have worked to educate children, the elderly, mental health patients, young people out of education, and anyone else who is interested in how to make things from the garden. Ideas include herbal soaps, potato face masks, lavender salt baths and much more. To see some examples follow this link.

Also, I have been developing a garden in Devon where the garden looks aesthetically pleasing while at the same time all the plants have other uses. Visit this page soon to see updates on my progress.



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