Sustainability does not always need to be complicated. Encouraging herbs, vegetables, fruit trees in any given space. Good for fresh food and good for wildlife. A simple yet effective step towards living sustainability.

I think it was the experiences through my childhood that had the most influence on me as a sustainable landscape architect. The farm where I was brought up on is located in a unique area of the the UK, and boasts an endless list of special qualities; SSSI (site of special scientific interest), AONB (area of outstanding natural beauty), Ancient Schedule Monuments were all present on the land which we farmed. These factors resulted in the farm being managed under most sensitive environmental stewardship schemes which were available at the time.

This has resulted in an attitude where I believe that producing food is something we do which helps enhance the amenities of the landscape, protects wildlife and takes into consideration the cultural and heritage landscapes which surrounds us. Click here to read about the farm where I was brought up.

This passion has never left me and I worked on the farm through my twenties, starting a variety of different projects which focused on celebrating how the production of food is more than just for us to eat. One of the more memorable projects was the Pig Honey Cider Project. This project promoted pigs, bees and apple trees, and how they have a unique symbiotic relationship between them. Click here to see more.

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