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8th March 2018
Natural Capital
20th May 2018

I am a Landscape Architect

Dear Reader of this blog.

Since the end of last year I have enjoyed writing my monthly blogs. The blogs started after I qualified as a Chartered Landscape Architect (SEE HERE) because I wanted to explore landscape architecture and how this relates to me (plus I found lots of free time after studying for the exam!!!).

Therefore in this blog I am going to briefly reflect on my relationship with landscape architecture…. And what I can offer….


Currently I have been working with schools and youth organisations while working at What Happens Next. At the same time I work part time at a large civil engineering company working on large infrastructure projects ….. While at What Happens Next I am also pitching to the educational, mental health, probationary and elderly sectors for opportunities to create their outdoor spaces…. although ultimately I don’t just want to be limited to just this…. I want to create spaces which offer sustainability and well-being in any space no matter how large or small.

How do the previous blogs relate to this? well… here goes:

Bottom up, cycles and flow!

I believe in the bottom up approach and want the users of the outdoor space to take control and influence their space, but only when they are ready to take ownership and responsibility for themselves. Check out my blog here: BOTTOM UP APPROACH

I disagree with the top down approach. All too often I feel we look for a right way or wrong way.

At a philosophical level I don’t agree this should be the case…. I think that the most important thing is that there is room for people to develop a source of inspiration from their outdoor space, and to be free to decide for themselves what to do…. Which is also true in nature… like people I think we should leave room for nature to find find its own balance. Check out my blog here: GO WITH THE FLOW

So how do you know what inspires you?… I think a landscape architect should be the one who can help find this initial source of inspiration. I feel that the Landscape Architect is there to help identify and understand the magic of a given space. In this blog I attempt to explain how understanding that everything belongs to a cycle is where it all starts: CYCLE OF LIFE!


In conclusion, my perspective on landscape architecture explains why I am so passionate to work on sustainability and well-being projects.

I think we landscape architects understand the magic of a space by thinking about the landscape holistically… We do this by understanding the relationship between cultural, environmental and economic factors. And we think how these factors relate to the past, the present and the future…

To put it simply, I like being a landscape architect because I like thinking what happened before, what’s happening now, and …...What happens next

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